Ethnic Resource Team in hospitals in the Copenhagen area

Do you have problems and thoughts that you want to share with another person who knows your background and who is bound to secrecy?
Do you want to talk to another person about existential and /or religious matters related to your situation at the hospital?
Then the Resource Team may be of interest to you.

What is Ethnic Resource Team?

Ethnic Resource Team is a group of volunteers, men and women, of different age and with different ethnic and religious backgrounds. The diversity of the group is shown by the fact that the team together speaks 18 different languages! The volunteers of Ethnic Resource Team are selected according to maturity and ability to talk to other people.

There are seven hospitals in the Copenhagen area that support and make use the Ethnic Resource Team, these hospitals are Amager Hospital, Bispebjerg Hospital, Frederiksberg Hospital, Glostrup Hospital Herlev Hospital, Hvidovre Hospital and Rigshospitalet.

What can a resource person do?

A resource person is an interlocutor who has completed a number of courses in crisis psychology and counselling together with practical training in conversation with people in a critical situation.

A resource person has time to listen and be present and will do what he or she can to help and support you.

A resource person has full confidentiality and is bound not to pass on information to anyone.

What do you do if you want a resource person?

If you want to talk to a resource person, you can inform the health staff, who will then contact us, or you may contact us yourself.

Please, inform about your age, which language you want the resource person to speak. We will then try to respond to your request as soon as possible and send the most suitable resource person to you. There may, however, be some limitations regarding certain languages and age groups.

Do you want to talk to an imam, a priest, a rabbi or another religious representative?

If you have the need to talk to a representative from your faith community, for example an imam, a pastor or a rabbi, we are able to assist you.

Contact information:

Coordinator Naveed Baig

Tel. 25 69 95 69 / E-mail: naveed.baig@rh.regionh.dk